What We Offer

Christian Counseling

With all the terrible things that can go on in your life, it may be easy to think that you have been forsaken. But our licensed and ordained ministers believe that that’s not at all the case. With our focus on biblical principles and life lessons of the Bible, our Christian Counseling can bring you back to a happier place within the warmth and love of God. With our emphasis on restoring the broken vessel, in a non-judgemental way, we’ll help you find Jesus and find yourself living with purpose. Give us a call or email and let’s see how we can help you.

Outreach Ministry

Our outreach ministry include providing a helping hand to others in the community through volunteering. Interested individuals and groups are encouraged to link up with this ministry and get involved. We must practice what we preach! In other words we're about our Father's business when it comes to delivering a Jesus Christ centered service to the sick, poor, disenfranchised, widow, and the fatherless. Our outreach and prayer services help create and establish ongoing relationships with community members through evangelism. You can learn about ministry opportunities available or provide information for HYSSOP to partner with your organization.

Community Events and Christian Conferences

Events and Conference services include planning and organizing events as a tool to bring cohesiveness to the Body of Christ. Our purpose of having events and conferences is to deliver the message of the cross outside of the church walls and to network with local, regional and international ministries to draw souls to Jesus Christ. Our prayer warriors are committed to seeking the will of God for a manifestation of the Glory of God during convocations, conferences and fellowship services. Call or office and let's connect!


We are our brother and sister's keeper. We're establishing accountability pairing up through monthly fellowship where teams of two can safely engage in bible study of specific issues. We have senior leaders available to help guide in the mentoring process.

Bible Study

Bible Study is crucial to spiritual growth. We will help you with lesson plans and activities that will be valuable and inspiring to your individual spiritual growth. Look out for recorded bible study soon on this website.

Prayer Ministry

HYSSOP Ministries is dedicated to bringing prayer into every home. That's why our ministry specializes in strategies and best practices that have been proven to not only support the five fold ministry and church leaders, but also to equip church members on how to pray effectively and why it's important to include it in their life routines.
We will help you with creating a concrete vision and mission for your prayer program and turn those into an effective prayer ministry that will do nothing but help your church and family live victorious everyday.